Creating the API

After clicking on Start during the Archetype account setup, you will perform the API setup in two steps.

Set Up Your API

  1. Choose a human-readable name for Api Name
  2. Enter your Company Name
  3. Enter in your API's Base URL. It needs to be browser-compliant (eg.

Click on the Next button to continue.

Setup API

End-User Authentication

You will setup authentication for your API's users in this section.

  1. Redirect URL: is where your user is redirected to upon successful payment
  2. Return URL: is where your user is redirected to upon canceled or failed payment

Click on Continue to move on to the final step.

End user authentification

Connecting with Stripe

Here, we will need to link your Stripe account that you have previously created.

  1. Go to <>
  2. Click on the Connect your Stripe account button.

Connect with Stripe

  1. Use the Stripe email address you signed up with to connect with Archetype.
Connect with Archetype