Archetype automatically generates invoices and receipts from customer's subscriptions. When a customer is on a subscription plan, flat rate subscriptions are billed at the start of the billing cycle. Usage-based elements will be billed in arrears at the end of the billing cycle.

When a billing cycle ends, a customer will automatically be charged the upcoming billing cycle for the flat rate elements and billed in arrears for the usage for the prior billing cycle.

All invoices for the customer will include all line items for each billable metric, the usage and the final charge for that element.


Taxing is managed directly by Stripe

There are three kinds of proration behaviors. These establish how subscription upgrade, downgrades and cancellations are handled regardless of who initiates.

The proration behavior is set in the API level to maintain consistency to all of your customers.

Proration TypeBehavior
always_invoiceFlat rate portions of the new subscription are immediately charged or credited based on whether this was an upgrade or a downgrade. Metered items will immediately reset their usage and all new usages will be tied to the new price.
create_prorationsAll new charges or credits will be applied at the end of the billing cycle.

Quickbooks Integration

Archetype integrates with Quickbooks to send your invoicing data. Simply link your account on the dashboard and make sure to map line items with the details supplied in Archetype.


New Integrations

We'll soon be coming out with support for Netsuite, and Xero. Email us: [email protected] to be moved up the waitlist on these features.