What products are and how they work

Products are essentially subscription objects that you can create, modify or delete on our site or with our REST API. Head over to the Product tab.

Here you can see a list of all the currently offered products.

Products are all subscription plans that APIs can offer their end user.

Each product has a few features displayed:

  • Product Name: This is the displayed name to your end customer
  • Product Description: This is the displayed details of the product. You can provide a summary of the product offering and explanation of the differences to your customers.
  • Custom: This is whether this is a publicly available product for your catalogue or a specific product for a customer.
  • Billing Frequency: Bill every day, week, month or year
  • Billing Interval: This is the number of the billing frequency you'll charge by. For example, a frequency of month and interval of 3 means you will charge your customer every 3 months.
  • Price: This is how much users pay for this plan. This will be pre-paid monthly.
  • Trial: This will be composed of two fields, a number and a string, string being either day, week, month or year.
  • Trial Price: Defaults to 0 but you can charge a discounted flat rate for the trial price.
  • Recurring Add Ons: Every billing cycle, these are flat rate add ons that get charged to your customer.
  • One-time Add Ons: These are flat rate add ons that get charged only once up front.
  • Metered Items: This is a list of all the metered plans that compose of your product. More details are on the Metered Items page.
  • Version: This is the current version of the product. When you create a new product, versions always start at one. Modifications to a product increase the version count and the default product displayed will always be the latest version.
  • Subscribers: This is how many people are currently on this plan (this includes both people in trial and those who have cancelled but their plan has not expired).
  • Revenue Statistics: This is the displayed name to your end user

For more details on how to assign a product to a customer, head over to the Managing Subscription docs.

You can create new products via the Add Product button at the top right and edit/delete a current product with the 3 dots button on the far right of each product.

Once you're done modifying the product, you can hit Save and it'll add the product to your API immediately and that'll be reflected everywhere.

When you delete a product, it is removed from the available products list.


Modified Product Prices Are not retroactive.

Whenever you change the material details of a product, users who have already been subscribed will continue to pay the previous price you had set for them.


Deleted Products Are Archived

Whenever you delete a product, if there are existing users, they will still maintain that product.